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Job Announcement

North Okaloosa Fire District invites applications for the following positions:  911 Full Time Shift Firefighter (24/48), Airport Fire Fighter (ARFF) (24/48), 911 Part-time Shift Firefighter (12/60) and Relief Firefighter.

Salary Range:    911 Full Time Shift Firefighter – $12.50/hour minimum base pay + up to $3,200/year for specific additional certifications + holiday pay (10 holidays) + up to 3% match for Simple IRA + paid employee health plan; ARFF Full Time Shift Firefighter – $19.79 base pay + $4.54/hour benefits pay + holiday pay + up to 3% match for Simple IRA; 911 Part-time Shift Firefighter – $12.50/hour + up to $1,600/yr for specific additional certifications + holiday pay + up to 3% match for Simple IRA; Relief Firefighter – $14.00/hour.  911 Full Time Shift Firefighters are eligible (when certified) for $19.79/hour base pay + $4.54/hour benefits pay when working ARFF shifts. Other benefits are available.

Issue Date:       18 June 2020.

Closing Date:     Indefinite for Relief, until filled for Full Time and Part-time.

The Positions:   All positions are open at this time with a projected start date of July 29, 2020 or after for the full-time openings.  All applicants applying and successfully completing entire hiring process will remain on the eligibility list for 6 months should any other positions become available during that period. Applications for Relief Firefighter are welcome at any time.

General Description

Under general supervision, performs responsible work involving the prevention and suppression of fires and delivery of other emergency and non-emergency services. The employee is responsible for responding to emergency situations and assisting in the control and resolution of the situation. The employee works within the scope of established fire department rules, regulations and procedures, however, is expected to exercise considerable judgment and initiative, when required. 

This position is non-exempt. Fair Labor Standards Act overtime provisions will apply.
Per Florida Statute 295.065, certain service members and veterans, and the spouses and family members of the service members and veterans, receive preference and priority in employment by the state and are encouraged to apply.

  • All applicants must be a non-user of tobacco products for minimum of one (1) year prior to application, as evidenced by the sworn affidavit of the applicant and pre-employment nicotine testing. In addition, all applicants must remain tobacco free for the duration of their employment as evidenced by nicotine testing.
  • Selected candidates must successfully pass pre-employment criminal history and background check, driver license history check to determine acceptable driving record, drug screen, and physical.

Essential Job Functions:   These job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed. Employees will be required to perform other job-related duties as required/assigned.

  • Perform 911 and ARFF Firefighting duties as needed.
  • Demonstrate safe driving skills for emergency response, and clean driving record.
  • Operates all fire department equipment and apparatus.
  • Operates basic to sophisticated fire, rescue, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and Special Operations related equipment.
  • Provide BLS medical treatment to medical and trauma patients.
  • Perform vehicle extrications and other rescues.
  • Actively engage in fire emergencies, including wildland, vehicle, aircraft, and structures.
  • Effectively perform interior firefighting.
  • Maintains and checks fire equipment for daily operational readiness, requests repairs; assists in minor repairs and ongoing maintenance of fire department facilities, equipment, and apparatus.
  • Attends instructional training and educational sessions in firefighting, rescue, EMS, Special Operations and other disciplines related to fire department duties.
  • Prepares and submits routine records and reports using proper verbal and written English and grammar.
  • Maintains method of contact (home telephone, personal cellular telephone) for routine and emergency contact.
  • Full time firefighters will be required to work rotating shifts (24/48), on-call duties, and extended hours in normal and emergency situations in various environmental conditions and all hours of day/night and perform at maximum ability.
  • Understand, follow, and obey all verbal and written orders, directives, guidelines, and instructions from Fire Department Officers or Incident Commanders.
  • Other job functions – Participates in custodial, maintenance, and repair duties; answers phones, providing information and assisting the public; performs routine clerical duties such as light typing and filing; performs other duties as assigned or required; may be assigned functional duties outlined in Department Operating Guidelines.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Training and Experience:   

  • High School Diploma or GED from an accredited agency
  • Florida FFII Certification
  • Current CPR for Healthcare Providers and EMR Certifications
  • Valid Florida Driver License with acceptable driving record
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC) (minimum of 16 hours)
  • Desired – IFSAC or ProBoard ARFF Certification
  • Desired – Florida EMT Certification

Minimum Qualifications or Standards Required to Perform Essential Job Functions:

Must be able to use both hands and feet in coordination and physical equilibrium and perform strenuous duties lifting or moving heavy objects while wearing PPE (fire bunker gear) and SCBA.  Must be able to bend and move in all directions, kneel, crawl, and perform long periods of exertion with little rest.  May be exposed to mechanical, physical, and atmospheric dangers from machinery, burning structures, damaged vehicles, and other hazards.  May be exposed to possible bodily injury on a regular basis from electrical shock, toxic, acids or caustic liquids, falls from high places, radiation and explosions.

Must have the ability to understand written and verbal communications and orders, comprehend, and be able to carry out said instructions.

Must have the ability to perform rigorous firefighting duties to include dismounting, raising, and climbing ladders.  Must have the ability to don and use an SCBA device in reduced atmospheres, smoke, heat and darkness.  Must have the ability to pull, charge and use attack hose lines while fighting active fires.  Must have the ability to pull, connect, and charge supply hoselines.

Must have the ability to lift and effectively use extrication tools during rescue to cut, push, pry and move metal and plastics, while ensuring the safety of patients and team personnel.  

Must be able to effectively work under normal conditions to high levels of stress, while avoiding violent or other detrimental behaviors that could threaten the safety of other employees or the public.Applications may be obtained:
Online at website:
Go to Link

In-person at:
North Okaloosa Fire District Station 82
5549 John Givens Road
Crestview, FL 32539

Applications must be returned, either in-person at the above address, fax to 850-682-2814, or email to